Quectel and Tartabit partner to enable Microsoft Azure IoT Hub deployments with next generation IoT device data

Quectel is participating in a new partnership with Tartabit to enable seamless delivery of data from low power wide area network (LPWAN) devices to Microsoft Azure IoT services. The partnership utilizes Tartabit’s IoT Bridge offering to enable lightweight M2M (LWM2M) devices, which can reduce network traffic and SIM data plan costs by more than 70%, to enable closer cooperation with the Microsoft development community and IoT services.

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Tartabit IoT Bridge available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Today, Tartabit LLC announced the availability of the Tartabit Internet of Things (IoT) Bridge Service for Microsoft Azure. Tartabit IoT Bridge is a Cloud Gateway SaaS service which enables LwM2M IoT Solutions to effortlessly integrate into the Microsoft Azure IoT services. The offering is now released and available for purchase through the Azure Marketplace.

In the cellular IoT domain, LPWAN optimized transports like LWM2M can reduce network traffic and likewise data plan costs by over 70% enabling many use cases that were previously impossible due to cost constraints. The challenge however is that the protocols are not cloud ready and require unique handling. Doing it wrong means larger than needed data plans and shorter than desired battery life.

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Using other LPWAN technology like LORA or SigFox?  No problem, integrate data from these sensor networks into your applications, use pre-existing decoders or configure your own.  

Integrate natively into Microsoft Azure.  With direct integration to IoT Hub, Event Hub, and CosmosDB you can quickly integrate your data into your applications.

Work is on-going to integrate the new Azure Communications Services and Azure Digital Twins to complete the integration story.

Getting started is easy with our pre-configured solution templates.  Integrating devices to Microsoft Azure services takes minutes.

Templates available for multiple device manufacturers, as well as the popular open source clients.

Ready to get creative?  The powerful event engine and trigger editor allow you to do quick data transformations to map data from your devices into your applications.

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