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Azure Cloud Developers

Take the easy road


Industry leading solutions are getting more and more complicated, with numerous services incorporated into an application.  Many LPWA solutions involve complex deployments with multiple Azure services, Azure Functions, and some duct tape and bubble gum to put it together.  These solutions lack the robustness and support to be viable production solutions without significant investment.

Take the easy road and use a service that brings together security, scalability, and manageability to integrate LPWA devices natively with Azure based solutions.

Danger beneath the surface


Successful solution design is not about the garden path, it is about handling all of the unforeseen conditions that can arise once devices are in the field.  The Tartabit team has 20+ years or design experience specifically focused on IoT solutions.  We have engineered our product to ensure maximum reliability and handling of all of the problems that can occur over the long life that your devices could be in the field.

Move from POC to Production


Using the IoT SDKs from Azure you can build an proof of concept in days, but converting that POC to a production ready solution can take months.  Using the Tartabit IoT Bridge can reduce building your production solution from months to weeks.

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