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Be more than a bit pipe

Whether you are a cellular mobile network operator, a mobile virtual network operator, a LoRa network provider, or a satellite connectivity provider, you can provide enhanced services to your customers by offering robust data integration solutions to help customers integrate data from devices on your network to their applications.

Data-in-transit is the future


The era of horizontal IoT platforms is coming to an end, and moving into the realm of "data-in-transit" integration between IoT devices and an ever growing list of databases, analytics, and visualization solutions.  Instead of trying to compete with the plethora of solutions that exist to process data, focus on integrating data from devices on your network.

The Tartabit IoT Bridge integrates data from LTE and Nb-IoT networks, as well as LoRaWAN and other LPWA network technologies.

Simplify a complex world

As IoT becomes more pervasive, we find that new entrants lack the expertise to deliver high quality initial product offerings.  Developers can't develop solutions for problems they don't know exist, but problems such as NAT timeouts, bandwidth optimization, proper usage of PSM/eDRX are essential for a successful deployment.

Customers using the Tartabit IoT Bridge have the confidence that the corner cases are covered and they can focus on their application and not mastering the fundamentals of LPWA IoT connectivity, this reduces the time for customers to scale their deployment and shorten time to revenue.

Easy to deploy and manage


The Tartabit IoT Bridge is designed to integrate with the MNO's network and receive data from private APN/VPN connections to minimize the NAT requirements and ensure highly reliable communication with devices.

Have a large customer that wants their own private instance?  No problem, the IoT Bridge can be deployed in hours.

Five minutes to wow solutions


Help customers simplify their IoT integration projects by offering simple device to cloud service integration options that can be enabled with the click of a button.  Customers today don't need to learn the intricacies of LPWA network communications, simplify their lives by delivering data directly to their cloud service of choice.

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