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Simplify your life


The IoT Bridge lets you focus on delivering high quality, production ready LPWA IoT solutions to your customers.  Don't get bogged down architecting platforms and decoding complex protocols, instead focus on integrating the data to your customer's applications and analytics solutions.

Bridging Popular IoT Devices


Don't fight to integrate devices, integrate hundreds of LTE and LoRaWAN devices out of the box.  Focus on high value application development and not on protocol decoding.

Don't have expertise in device communications?  Our team can help with the device integration so you can focus on the applications.

Power tool, not a solution


The IoT Bridge is not a "turn-key" solution, it is a building block that enables solutions to be built quickly.  Use our tools to build customer solutions quickly and implement new mappings and transformations of customer data depending on their needs.

Rich Microsoft Azure integration


Integrate to high-value Azure services to accelerate your application development.  Most connectors support bi-directional communications enabling robust application development using the services and tools that fit your use case.

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