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Next generation low-code LPWAN integration framework



The Tartabit IoT Bridge makes integration between bandwidth and battery constrained devices and cloud services easier than ever.  Whether you are using licensed or unlicensed wireless technology, Tartabit IoT Bridge will accelerate your IoT project.  Leverage our decades of experience in IoT to accelerate your plans to bring innovative offerings to market.


Connectivity for IoT solutions using high category (CAT-1+) LTE, Wi-Fi, and wired connections are converging onto the hyper-scale cloud providers' SDKs to communicate from the device to the cloud.  But in the LPWA space this same convergence is not occurring due to many practical problems such as battery and bandwidth consumption.  For these devices the Tartabit IoT Bridge is the perfect solution to bridge low-powered devices into Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform with minimal friction.


Use the right tool for the job, there are many use cases where native integration into Azure IoT Hub is not possible, for these cases, we have numerous options:

  • Leverage LPWAN standards like LWM2M for rapid integration and robust functionality.

  • Connect legacy MQTT enabled devices that don't support TLS or have proprietary topic spaces.

  • Use built in transports and transcoders to decode proprietary protocols from almost any device.

  • Use pre-built solution templates for popular IoT device makers to rapidly onboard.


The Tartabit IoT Bridge is not just another IoT Platform, it differentiates because it focuses on a data-in-transit model.  Our customers want one pane of glass powered by industry leading enterprise software vendors.  Don't get in the trap of using device management solutions provided by your hardware vendors, utilize a vendor agnostic, standards based approach.


We offer flexible deployment options to accelerate your rollout.  Have concerns about security?  Do you use private APNs and VPNs and want to keep your data segregated?  Under strict regulatory restrictions in healthcare or utilities?  No problem, with private deployments you have full control of the solution.

No need to wait or contact us, start today by visiting us on the Azure Marketplace, you can subscribe immediately:

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