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Tartabit introduces IoT Bridge for Network Operators


FEBRUARY 27, 2023

Today, Tartabit LLC announces the release of its latest product offering: IoT Bridge for Network Operators. The IoT Bridge for network operators provides the fast and easy implementation of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) IoT device and data management services, bundled to enable rapid integration within the Network Operator (MNO) and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) environments.

Today’s release introduces a set of offerings specifically designed to help network operators address the increasing demands and complexity of LPWA. IoT Bridge for Network Operators is a cloud gateway that enables data management by connecting to applications and hyperscaler services connectors. It also provides simplified Lightweight M2M (LWM2M)/Open Mobile Alliance-Compliant Device Management (OMA DM).

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Tartabit Receives 2022 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award


JULY 14, 2022

Tartabit announced today that IoT Bridge has received a 2022 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution World, the leading Web site covering IoT technologies.

Tartabit IoT Bridge was created to bridge the need to integrate the growing LPWA IoT deployment and integration into Microsoft Azure and other application environments. The Tartabit mission is to deliver the industry’s easiest to use, low code integration platform to assist developers when integrating IoT data into an application domain that is understood and leveraged by the masses. Easy integration of LPWAN IOT data will speed the implementation of IoT Applications and Enterprise Digitization programs which will speed deployment of devices and benefit all participants in the ecosystem.

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Winners of the 2022 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Awards Announced


JULY 11, 2022

TMC, announced the winners of the 2022 IoT Product of the Year Award, presented by IoT Evolution World.

The award honors the best and  most innovative products and solutions powering the Internet of Things. Nominated solutions must have been available for deployment within the past twelve months as judged by the editors of IoT Evolution World.

Read the announcement here: Iot Evolution World News 

Tartabit IOT Bridge “Cascade” Release Expands LoRa, LWM2M and Satellite Integration with Microsoft Azure


JUNE 20, 2022

Today, Tartabit LLC, a Next Gen Internet of Things (IoT) enablement company that provides a Low Code Framework that eases the integration of low power devices to cloud services, announces the new “Cascade” release of the IoT Bridge. The new IoT Bridge release greatly enhances Low Power IoT Integration models and tools enabling IoT solution developers to realize the “5 minute to wow” when integrating with Microsoft Azure.

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Meritech and Tartabit speed Time to Market for Custom IoT Solutions based on monoZ and Microsoft Azure


JUNE 14, 2022

Meritech and Tartabit collaborate in order to provide a Rapid Time to Market path for Custom IoT Solutions based on monoZ and Microsoft Azure. Providing seamless integration of monoZ LTE-M, NB-IoT, and LwM2M development boards with Microsoft Azure through Tartabit’s IoT Bridge brings the Hardware ODM customer community closer to the Azure development community. Frictionless IoT integration enables a quicker path for IoT Solution Providers to create purpose built IoT devices powered by innovative Azure-based applications.

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Tartabit and Quectel Collaborate on Speeding Microsoft Azure IoT Deployment

FEBRUARY 28, 2022

Today, Tartabit LLC announces the availability of new Quectel BC66 low-code solution templates within their IoT Bridge to enable an easier, frictionless pathway into Microsoft Azure. This new update to the IoT Bridge, in collaboration with Quectel, a leading IoT solution provider, demonstrates Tartabit’s commitment to easing integration between LPWAN IoT devices and Microsoft Azure and provides important new capabilities for the LPWAN IoT marketplace.

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Tartabit Offers IoT Bridge for Everynet, Enables Seamless LoRaWAN Integration to Microsoft Azure IoT Services


FEBRUARY 01, 2022

Today, Tartabit LLC announces the availability of IoT Bridge for Everynet which enables subscribers of the Everynet U.S. national LoRa network to seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Azure. With the latest release of Tartabit’s IoT Bridge for Everynet, developers can self-onboard LoRa devices to Azure IoT with the Tartabit IoT Bridge low-code platform which is easy to find on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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Tartabit 2021 Year End Update



The Tartabit team would like to thank our Customers, OEM Device Maker Partners and the Microsoft IoT Team as we
celebrate our IoT Bridge offering’s one year anniversary Only a short one year ago we launched the IoT Bridge offering on Microsoft Azure Marketplace With the support of the Microsoft IoT Team, we have achieved a number of significant
milestones As such, we are pleased to provide a 2021 year end update.

Read our update here: Tartabit 2021 Year End Update

Tartabit Accelerates Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Plug and Play Certification for IoT Device Makers


SEPTEMBER 08, 2021

Today, two new Tartabit services, Marketplace Accelerator (MPA) and the Plug and Play Accelerator (PnPA), are now available for purchase as consulting services on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The release of the MPA and PnPA services within the Azure Marketplace delivery model aligns with Tartabit’s on-going objective to make IoT services easy to use, buy and deploy.

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Tartabit IoT Bridge strengthens alignment with Open Mobile Alliance with support of LWM2M 1.1


JUNE 29, 2021

Today, Tartabit LLC announces the availability of LWM2M 1.1 server support as part of the IoT Bridge LPWAN to Microsoft Azure integration service. In addition, Tartabit is pleased to announce they have joined the Open Mobile Alliance to help improve the specification and further promote adoption of LWM2M as a leading device management technology for low-powered wide-area (LPWA) devices.

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Tartabit IoT Bridge opens new pathways to Azure for Device Makers


JUNE 22, 2021

Today, Tartabit LLC announces a series of new features available in the IoT Bridge to enable emerging and established device makers additional pathways into Microsoft Azure. With the latest release of Tartabit's IoT Bridge, customers can now self-onboard devices that do not natively support an Azure IoT SDK using the Tartabit IoT Bridge low-code platform. Customers continue to enjoy the easiest to use, easiest to buy, easiest to deploy, and easiest to manage cloud gateway service for Azure IoT Hub integration, available in the Azure Marketplace.

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Tartabit IoT Bridge Q1-2021 Technology Update

This quarter our focus has been on core improvements to the platform, with a focus on usability and additional development tools for users creating solutions on the IoT Bridge.  The best example of our efforts is the new and improved trigger editor, with the new editor you can now expand to full screen, view the live log entries, and inject past events to quickly debug and develop your solution:

Our second focal area was integration with Azure IoT Central, and deeper integration with Azure Plug-and-play and DTDL frameworks.  To that end, we introduced several new features that enable rapid integration to Azure IoT Central:

  • Import of DTDL models

  • Auto-complete population of DTDL model structures

  • Connection via Device Provisioning Service (DPS) Group Enrollment

  • Azure IoT Central solution templates and guides

It is now easier than ever to convert LWM2M and other LPWAN protocols into models that IoT Central understands and create the same rich applications that can be created using the native SDK:

Quectel and Tartabit partner to enable Microsoft Azure IoT Hub deployments with next generation IoT device data

Quectel is participating in a new partnership with Tartabit to enable seamless delivery of data from low power wide area network (LPWAN) devices to Microsoft Azure IoT services. The partnership utilizes Tartabit’s IoT Bridge offering to enable lightweight M2M (LWM2M) devices, which can reduce network traffic and SIM data plan costs by more than 70%, to enable closer cooperation with the Microsoft development community and IoT services.

Read more about our partnership here:

To read the detailed release notes, check out our documentation here:

Tartabit IoT Bridge available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

DECEMBER 17, 2020

Today, Tartabit LLC announced the availability of the Tartabit Internet of Things (IoT) Bridge Service for Microsoft Azure. Tartabit IoT Bridge is a Cloud Gateway SaaS service which enables LwM2M IoT Solutions to effortlessly integrate into the Microsoft Azure IoT services. The offering is now released and available for purchase through the Azure Marketplace.

In the cellular IoT domain, LPWAN optimized transports like LWM2M can reduce network traffic and likewise data plan costs by over 70% enabling many use cases that were previously impossible due to cost constraints. The challenge however is that the protocols are not cloud ready and require unique handling. Doing it wrong means larger than needed data plans and shorter than desired battery life.

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