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Device Makers & OEMs

Easy customer integration

Adopting standards like LWM2M or CoAP can help your customers integrate devices into their applications with less burden than using proprietary protocols and custom integration.  But sometimes device makers have a long standing investment in a proprietary protocol that can't be easily changed.

With Tartabit IoT Bridge, we can provide standards based and proprietary decoding of device data to enable the same seamless experience integrating with Azure regardless of the device protocol.  Instead of delivering a PDF to customers and putting the burden on them to implement your device protocol, device makers need an option for out-of-the-box connectivity with popular cloud services.

Use a service designed for LPWA


The Tartabit IoT Bridge has been designed for the LPWA market.  With a deep understanding on modern LTE technologies like PSM and eDRX, the IoT Bridge offers an optimized experience to enable world-class IoT solutions to be built in days instead of months.

Access the Azure ecosystem

By using the Tartabit IoT Bridge, you are guaranteed first-class integration with numerous Azure services.  Easy integration makes your hardware attractive for Microsoft sellers and partners to use in their customer solutions based on the world-class Azure hyperscale cloud.

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