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Connecting to many of today's high volume IoT devices requires the support of the many custom or bespoke protocol implementations.   Whether tasked with migrating a current install base of IoT devices from legacy applications to modern cloud based services or integrating new defacto standard based IoT devices into Microsoft Azure,  Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform, IoT Bridge bespoke integration tools and templates make this job easy.   

IoT Bridge for Bespoke Devices
Bespoke Hyperscale Image.png

Integrated MQTT Broker enabling integration of MQTT based devices that do not conform to the Azure IoT Hub or Amazon IoT Core communication standards, including support for flexible topics, and a variety of authentication methods


CoAP client and server for advanced device integration capabilities.  Use port or path based routing to interact with devices using CoAP over UDP or DTLS.

Powerful decoders

The biggest challenge with device integration is decoding the packets in a reliable and scalable way.  Whether the protocol is a simple ASCII string, or a complex binary multi-packet payload, the IoT Bridge supplies decoders to meet all of your needs.  ASCII, JSON, MsgPack, Protobufs, CBOR, and raw binary packet?  No problem.      

Built in support for many devices

Additional Low-code Solution Templates for many of today’s most common devices from global suppliers such as Ericsson, Micron Wireless, Nimbelink, Teltonika and Queclink. 

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